Sixth Year Certificate in Special Education

The SYC in Special Education is an advanced professional degree for experienced Special Educators who wish to deepen and expand their knowledge of teaching and learning. For candidates who already hold an MA in Special Education, and are interested in a Sixth Year Certificate only, not pursuing initial or cross-endorsement certification, take the 30-credit SYC program outlined below. Students pursuing the SYC only are not eligible to take SPED 6951, SPED 6952, SPED 6953, or SPED 6954.

SPED 6534Skill Development for Individualized Educational Plans3
SPED 6537Curriculum and Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities3
SPED 6550Collaboration and Consultation for the Special Educator3
SPED 6561Diagnostic Procedures in Special Education of Youth with Disabilities3
Select 18 elective credits from the following: 118
Research and Evaluation in Multidisciplinary Contexts
Content Language & Reading Acquisition for English Language Learners and Students with Special Needs
Augmentative Alternative Communications and Assistive Technologies
Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theories and Interventions
Introduction to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
Theories of and Introduction to Learning Disabilities
Introduction to Children and Youth with Social and Emotional Disturbances
Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom
Management Techniques in Special Education
Developmental Literacy II: Essentials of Vocabulary and Text Comprehension
Seminar in Special Education
Total Credits30

Sixth Year Certificate Concentrations

Candidates have the option of selecting one of the following concentrations to fulfill elective courses above.

Concentration in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts

Electives for candidates interested in pursuing their #102 Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Certification:

RLDV 5583Tests and Measurement in Reading and Language Arts Contexts3
RLDV 6586Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties3
RLDV 6951Clinical Practicum: Structured Literacy3
RLDV 6952Clinical Practicum: Structured Literacy Applications with Peer Coaching Elements3
Total Credits12

Dyslexia Interventionist Certificate with Wilson Level I Certification

RLDV/SPED 6575Wilson Reading: Developmental Literacy Remediation Practices for Students in Grades 3+1
RLDV/SPED 6576Wilson Reading: Intensive Instruction I for the Non-Responsive Reader, Steps 1-63
RLDV/SPED 6577Wilson Reading: Practicum I for the Non-Responsive Reader in Grades 3+, Steps 1-61.5
RLDV/SPED 6578Wilson Reading: Intensive Instruction II for the Non-Responsive Reader, Steps 1-63
RLDV/SPED 6579Wilson Reading: Practicum II for the Non-Responsive Reader in Grades 3+, Steps 1-61.5
Select one course from the following:3
Writing Components and Processes in the Language Arts Program
Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties
Clinical Practicum: Structured Literacy
Total Credits13