Five-Year Integrated Bachelor and Master of Arts in Special Education with Initial Certification

The five-year integrated BA/MA special education program includes the completion of the 18-credit minor in Educational Studies: Special Education plus two additional required courses and the comprehensive exam that are taken in senior year and applied to the year-long master’s program of 30 additional credits. In total, the five-year program is comprised of 54 credits spread across the undergraduate and graduate years. A minimum of thirty credits must be completed at the graduate level.        

Undergraduate Courses

EDUC 2201Explorations in Education3
EDUC 3350Special Learners in the Mainstream3
SPED 4410Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theories and Interventions3
SPED 4411Introduction to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities3
SPED 4413Theories of and Introduction to Learning Disabilities3
SPED 4417Introduction to Children and Youth with Emotional Disturbances3
Total Credits18

Graduate Courses

SPED 5401Augmentative Alternative Communications and Assistive Technologies3
SPED 5419Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom3
SPED 5432Management Techniques in Special Education3
SPED 5486Developmental Literacy I: Fundamentals of Reading and Language Development3
SPED 5487Developmental Literacy II: Essentials of Vocabulary and Text Comprehension3
SPED 6534Skill Development for Individualized Educational Plans3
SPED 6537Curriculum and Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities3
SPED 6550Collaboration and Consultation for the Special Educator3
SPED 6561Diagnostic Procedures in Special Education of Youth with Disabilities3
EDUC 6598edTPA Portfolio 10
SPED 6953Student Teaching in Special Education6
SPED 6954SPED 6954 Student Teaching/DSAP Seminar in Special Education3
SPED 6999Comprehensive Examination in Special Education0
Total Credits36