Master of Arts in Family Studies

The Family Studies program offers a master’s degree in Family Studies. The Master of Arts (MA) degree in Family Studies is an advanced educational track in early childhood, human development, interpersonal relations, and family studies. Graduates of the program may enter a variety of human services vocations and/or pursue further advanced degrees in human and family development including early childhood, adolescence, marriage and geriatrics.

The Family Studies program focuses on basic human developmental and behavioral characteristics of the individual within the context of the family system. The curriculum includes instruction in the conditions that influence human growth and development; strategies that promote growth and development across the life span; and the study of family systems.

The curriculum is designed to prepare the candidate to pursue doctoral studies in related areas to become educators and researchers. The Family Studies program also provides an advanced educational track for the candidate who wishes to seek employment in the non-clinical areas of social service delivery, research, family policy and family law, parenting and family life education, health and well-being, prevention and program evaluation. The curriculum covers theory, research and practice with individuals and families across the life span. The curriculum strives to address diversity, power, privilege and social justice with the goal of creating an environment that welcomes and provides mentorship to a diverse student body by a diverse group of faculty and instructors.

Admission to the Program

Application deadlines are listed online.

All potential candidates will be required to attend an interview with one of the faculty members in the Department of Family Therapy and Social Work. Candidates will be notified about interviews shortly after the application deadline.