Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy

The Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy requires completion of 60 credits. Candidates must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.0, complete a five-semester continuous and uninterrupted clinical training sequence, in which they provide a minimum of 500 direct contact hours of clinical treatment (200 of which must be relational hours) and receive 100 hours of supervision (50 of which must be individual supervision using direct observation of candidates' clinical work). Candidates must evidence required clinical, ethical, and conceptual competencies and pass a comprehensive examination at the end of the program.

The 60-credit master's degree program is typically completed within a 3-6 year period, although students may attend on a full-time basis which will enable them to complete the program more quickly. A personalized program of study is designed for candidates upon admission to determine their progression through the program.

FCA 1: Foundations of Relational/Systemic Theories and Models
MFTH 5550Introduction to Marriage and Family Therapy3
MFTH 6555Foundations of Marital and Family Therapy3
FCA 2: Clinical Treatment with Individual, Couples, and Families
MFTH 6450Techniques of Narrative and Solution-Focused Therapy3
MFTH 5525Divorce, Single Parenting, and Blended Families3
MFTH 6552Intervention in Structural and Strategic Family Therapy3
MFTH 6553Family Therapy Pre-Practicum3
MFTH 6561Advanced Interventions in Family Therapy3
MFTH 6567Couples Therapy3
FCA 3: Diverse, Multicultural, and/or Underserved Communities
MFTH 5433Social Justice and Diversity in Professional Practice3
FCA 4: Research and Evaluation
MFTH 6556Research in Marriage and Family Therapy3
FCA 5: Professional Identity, Law, Ethics, and Social Responsibility
MFTH 6565Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Family Therapy3
FCA 6: Bio-Psycho-Social Health and Development Across the Lifespan
MFTH 5447Human Development Across the Family Lifecycle3
FCA 7: Systemic/Relational Assessment and Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment
MFTH 6569Assessment Techniques in Marriage and Family Therapy3
FCA 8: Contemporary Issues
MFTH 5465Introduction to Substance Abuse and Addictions3
MFTH 5470Queer and Trans Mental Health3
FCA 9: Community Intersections and Collaborations
MFTH 6425Private Practice and Small Business Management3
Foundational Clinical Practice
The following courses must be taken in sequence and without interruption:
MFTH 6951Practicum in Family Therapy I3
MFTH 6952Practicum in Family Therapy II3
MFTH 6981Internship in Family Therapy I3
MFTH 6982Internship in Family Therapy II3
Capstone and Thesis
Capstone Presentation
Thesis Seminar
MFTH 5598Tevera Site Placement Process 10
Total Credits60

Concentration in Queer and Trans Mental Health

MFTH 5470Queer and Trans Mental Health3
MFTH 5480Transgender and Gender Expansive Affirming Care1.5
MFTH 5481Conversations with Queer and Trans Youth1.5
MFTH 5999GQueer and Trans Mental Health Capstone3
Total Credits9