Master of Science in Management

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) program provides recent college graduates with fundamental business knowledge and focused career development. Students join a collaborative cohort of individuals who represent a diverse set of undergraduate schools and majors. In particular, the MSM program is designed for recent college graduates with non-business degrees or majors. The program is designed to complement students' undergraduate degrees in order to lead to jobs and careers that utilize their passions and skills.

The MSM is a cohort program, providing students with a one-year, full-time experience as graduate students working through a proscribed curriculum. This is structured as a combination of face-to-face, on site coursework and hybrid and online technology-supported courses designed to ensure that students acquire the 21st century skills needed to work in fast-paced and often off-site business environments.

The capstone course for the MSM is one that focuses on entrepreneurship. This experience challenges students to become well-rounded leaders and resourceful innovators who are globally aware and community-centric. The program emphasizes a conceptual understanding, practical skills and an ethical structure necessary for business or civic leadership. Effectively, such individuals are entrepreneurs in spirit. They will seek to cultivate change across a wide-range of causes and careers. These future leaders of the 21st Century explore and hone the analytical and critical thinking skills of a liberal arts education as they stoke their passions and animate their ideas, whether creating new non-profit or for-profit enterprises, or leading innovation within existing organizations. As part of the capstone course, students will have an international immersion experience in a non-US culture that emphasizes and supports the entrepreneurial spirit.