Master of Business Administration

An MBA is meant to be a generalist degree that covers all the relevant topical areas and gives students the opportunity to concentrate, but not major in a functional area of business. The MBA program at the Dolan School includes core courses, breadth modules, concentration courses, and a required elective course.

The core courses are designed to provide fundamental tools and functional area competencies for students who did not major in a business specialty as undergraduates, did not perform well academically as undergraduates, or took only a portion of the functional and tool courses that comprise the MBA core. For example, a student who majored in economics as an undergraduate probably has sufficient background in economics, mathematics, and statistics, but might lack course work in marketing, accounting, finance, organizational behavior, etc. Such an economics major would need to complete the missing core courses in order to have the same set of fundamental competencies as a student who majored in a business discipline. This is called "leveling," where everyone starts at the same level, or nearly so, before they go on to take advanced coursework.

In order to maximize one's competence and confidence as a manager, every student is required to complete courses in four breadth modules. Each module is designed to develop a specific skill set: decision metrics, insights and analysis, ethical leadership, and strategic decision-making (global and financial). The required courses contained within each module cover the most relevant discipline knowledge to foster effective managerial decision-making.

Every Dolan MBA student identifies a concentration, enabling the student to develop discipline-specific knowledge. The concentration requires completion of four advanced level courses from one of the following disciplines: accounting, finance, information systems/business analytics, management, or marketing. It is possible in some concentrations to earn a specialization if the student completes specific upper-level courses. For example, a student with an accounting concentration can choose four tax courses within the concentration and earn the taxation specialization. 

Course Waiver Policy

Students admitted to the Dolan MBA program may be able to waive as many as six (i.e., all) core courses on the basis of successful completion (i.e., final grades of B or better) of undergraduate business courses and/or work experience. For undergraduate courses to be considered for waivers, the student's undergraduate degree generally must have been earned from an AACSB-accredited business school within five years of the date of enrollment in the graduate program.

Computer Usage

All students are expected to demonstrate and/or attain proficiency in the use of computers during their program of study. Usage is integrated throughout the curriculum and it is expected in each course. The School provides fully equipped computer labs for student use, and each student must obtain a NetID account for access to the University's online systems.