Advanced Graduate Certificates

Candidates who have already earned a graduate degree can enhance their professional competency, update their skills, or obtain a greater depth of academic preparation by choosing to pursue an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Accounting or Taxation.1 To earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Accounting or Taxation, candidates complete the subject area's required concentration course plus additional elective courses, for a total of 15 credits in Accounting or Taxation, respectively.2

Programs of study are planned in consultation with the Director of Graduate Accounting Programs and consider the interests and goals of the participant. Candidates pursuing Advanced Graduate Certificates are expected to complete all requirements within three years of beginning their coursework. They are expected to make some annual progress toward the certificate in order to remain in good standing. A candidate who elects to take a leave of absence must notify the Graduate Office in writing.

Grades and academic average computation are identical to those of the MBA and MS programs. Certificates are awarded to candidates who complete their programs with at least a 3.00 overall grade point average.