Master of Science in Nursing: Entry into the Practice of Nursing

Fairfield University’s Accelerated Master’s Entry to Practice Nursing (MEPN) program provides a unique opportunity for those with a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to pursue a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree in an accelerated format. The MEPN is the first such program in the state of Connecticut to prepare advanced generalists for registered nursing practice and leadership.

The program is designed to draw upon your prior education and experience, allowing you to earn a master’s degree in two years. The MEPN program will equip students with valuable knowledge and skills to lead change, promote health, and elevate care in a variety of settings. At the completion of this program, students will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) to become a registered nurse.

Admission to the program will be competitively offered to students who hold a baccalaureate degree in any discipline from an accredited four–year college or university with a minimum GPA of 3.3 or better. Applicants must have completed the required pre-requisite courses prior to admission.

The MEPN program is a 76 credit/800 clinical hour program to be completed full-time over 24 months.

NURS 5110Introduction to Professional Nursing3
NURS 5272Geriatric Nursing4
NURS 5305Mental Health Nursing4
NURS 5307Fundamentals of Nursing Care4
NURS 5312Medical Surgical Nursing I5
NURS 5314Maternal and Newborn Nursing4
NURS 5323Pediatric Nursing4
NURS 5325Medical Surgical Nursing II5
NURS 5330Population Health4
NURS 5332Transition to Professional Nursing4
NURS 5360Critical Care Nursing3
NURS 6521Healthcare Leadership Roles for Systems Improvement3
NURS 6951Master's Leadership Practicum4
NURS 7601Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
NURS 7604Advanced Health Assessment4
NURS 7605Advanced Health Policy3
NURS 7608Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice3
NURS 7614Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement3
NURS 7620Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology3
NURS 7641Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 7668Palliative Care Across the Lifespan3
Total Credits76
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NURS 5110 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3
NURS 5307 Fundamentals of Nursing Care 4
NURS 7604 Advanced Health Assessment 4
NURS 7620 Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology 3
NURS 5305 Mental Health Nursing 4
NURS 5312 Medical Surgical Nursing I 5
NURS 6521 Healthcare Leadership Roles for Systems Improvement 3
NURS 7641 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS 5323 Pediatric Nursing 4
NURS 5325 Medical Surgical Nursing II 5
NURS 7608 Research Methods for Evidence-Based Practice 3
Second Year
NURS 5272 Geriatric Nursing 4
NURS 5314 Maternal and Newborn Nursing 4
NURS 5330 Population Health 4
NURS 7601 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3
NURS 7605 Advanced Health Policy 3
NURS 7614 Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement 3
NURS 7668 Palliative Care Across the Lifespan 3
NURS 5332 Transition to Professional Nursing 4
NURS 5360 Critical Care Nursing 3
NURS 6951 Master's Leadership Practicum 4
 Total Credits76