BSN to DNP: Nurse Anesthesia Track

The Nurse Anesthesia track prepares students as expert clinicians for every stage and in every setting in which anesthesia is delivered to patients. Because nurse anesthetists are responsible for direct patient care, students gain hands-on experience in providing anesthesia services to patients of all acuities across the lifespan. Students gain clinical experience in the provision of all forms of anesthesia, including regional (neuraxial and peripheral blocks) anesthesia,  general anesthesia, and monitored anesthesia care under CRNA and M.D. faculty supervision. Students gain experience in all surgical subspecialties, including cardiac, thoracic, vascular, trauma, major burn, pediatrics, and high-risk obstetrical cases. Upon graduation, students are eligible to sit for the certification examination administered by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA). Successful completion of this examination allows the new graduate to practice as a nurse anesthetist in all patient care settings. The DNP Nurse Anesthesia track requires 77 credits and a completion of a DNP Project.

Nurse Anesthesia Student Progression Requirements

  • Students are required to maintain an overall grade point average of 3.00. If the GPA falls below 3.00 in any semester, the student is placed on probation for the following semester and has one semester to bring their GPA above 3.00. If the overall grade point average is again below 3.00 or the GPA falls below 3.00 a second time, the student will be dismissed from the program. 
  • A student is allowed to earn one B- in any NURS (DNP core nursing) course. A second grade of B- in any NURS course in any semester will result in dismissal from the program.
  • A student who earns a grade below a B in any NSAN (anesthesia course) will be dismissed by the program.

Fairfield University and Bridgeport Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program

Students in the Nurse Anesthesia Track are subject to all Fairfield University, Bridgeport Hospital, and all other off-site clinical policies and procedures. Bridgeport Hospital and any off-site clinical sites have the right to remove a student from an assignment after the site has determined that such removal is in the best interest of the Hospital and of patient safety. The appeal of such removal of a student and all clinical and/or administrative grievances shall be addressed according to the policies and procedures set forth in the Bridgeport Hospital Nurse Anesthesia Program Student Handbook. Academic Grievances shall be addressed according to the policies and procedures outlined in the Fairfield University Graduate Catalog.

Foundation Core Courses
NURS 7601Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
NURS 7605Advanced Healthcare Policy3
NURS 7608Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice3
NURS 7610Advanced Nursing Roles and Reflective Practice3
DNP Core Courses
NURS 7611Population Health3
NURS 7612Research Translation for Clinical Practice3
NURS 7613Finance and Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations3
NURS 7614Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement3
NURS 7615Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration3
NURS 7687DNP Immersion 15
NURS 7697DNP Seminar I1
NURS 7699DNP Seminar II1
Advanced Practice Core Courses
NURS 7604Advanced Health Assessment4
NURS 7641Advanced Pharmacology3
NURS 7669Advanced Pathophysiology for Anesthesia Practice4
Nurse Anesthesia Courses
NURS 7670Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurse Anesthetists3
NSAN 7671Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthetists3
NSAN 7672Pharmacologic Strategies in Anesthesia Practice3
NSAN 7673Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I2
NSAN 7674Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II3
NSAN 7675Clinical Orientation and Specialty Rotations1
NSAN 7676Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management in Clinical Practice2
NSAN 7677Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III3
NSAN 7678Clinical Correlation Conference2
NSAN 7679Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV2
NSAN 7951Clinical Practicum I1
NSAN 7952Clinical Practicum II1
NSAN 7953Clinical Practicum III2
NSAN 7954Clinical Practicum IV2
NSAN 7955Clinical Practicum V2
Total Credits77
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NURS 7605 Advanced Healthcare Policy 3
NURS 7670 Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nurse Anesthetists 3
NSAN 7671 Chemistry and Physics for Nurse Anesthetists 3
NURS 7604 Advanced Health Assessment 4
NURS 7610 Advanced Nursing Roles and Reflective Practice 3
NURS 7669 Advanced Pathophysiology for Anesthesia Practice 4
NSAN 7673 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice I 2
NURS 7601 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3
NURS 7608 Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice 3
NSAN 7672 Pharmacologic Strategies in Anesthesia Practice 3
NSAN 7674 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice II 3
Second Year
NURS 7611 Population Health 3
NSAN 7675 Clinical Orientation and Specialty Rotations 1
NSAN 7676 Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management in Clinical Practice 2
NSAN 7677 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice III 3
NURS 7613 Finance and Quality Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
NURS 7687 DNP Immersion 1 1
NSAN 7679 Principles of Nurse Anesthesia Practice IV 2
NSAN 7951 Clinical Practicum I 1
NURS 7612 Research Translation for Clinical Practice 3
NURS 7615 Leadership and Interprofessional Collaboration 3
NURS 7687 DNP Immersion 1
NSAN 7952 Clinical Practicum II 1
Third Year
NURS 7641 Advanced Pharmacology 3
NURS 7687 DNP Immersion 1
NSAN 7953 Clinical Practicum III 2
NURS 7614 Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement 3
NURS 7687 DNP Immersion 1
NURS 7697 DNP Seminar I 1
NSAN 7954 Clinical Practicum IV 2
NURS 7687 DNP Immersion 1
NURS 7699 DNP Seminar II 1
NSAN 7678 Clinical Correlation Conference 2
NSAN 7955 Clinical Practicum V 2
 Total Credits77