Sixth Year Certificate in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts

The Reading and Language Development Program is deeply committed to preparing graduates who understand the complex and varied presentation of remedial reading profiles, including the profiles of students at risk for and identified with dyslexia.

Graduates typically seek employment in public and private schools, hospital-based education settings, therapeutic schools, the State Department of Education, the State Education Resource Center; state Regional Education Service Centers; and child advocacy/law firms.

Unique features of Fairfield University's Reading and Language Development Program include:

An Exclusive Partnership with Wilson Reading Systems (WRS)

The WRS program targets the remediation of reading/spelling accuracy and oral reading fluency deficits of students in Grades 3-12 who present with profiles characteristic of/identifications of dyslexia. It is the most widely used remedial reading intervention program employed across the nation. School districts, private schools and clinics across Connecticut utilize the WRS program with students, including nearly a dozen public school districts in Fairfield County who utilize the program district-wide.

Fairfield University is proud to feature an exclusive partnership with Wilson Reading that permits our candidates to earn a Wilson Reading Level I certification as part of their MA and SYC degree requirements. Candidates who do so are also eligible to earn a Dyslexia Interventionist Certification with the International Dyslexia Association (IDA).

"Triple-Dip" Programs Permitting Candidates to Earn a Degree and Multiple Certifications

The Reading and Language Development Program offers candidates the opportunity to "triple dip" coursework in order to earn multiple certifications, pending eligibility, as part of meeting their MA or SYC degree requirements.

Through careful and ongoing advisement, candidates map out a plan of study that can lead to a degree and one or both of the following certifications:

  • CT #102: Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts Consultant Certification, Grades 1-12
  • Wilson Reading Level I Certification

Course-Embedded Community Clinics

All candidates in the Reading and Language Development Program serve students and families through several course-embedded community clinics. These clinics provide candidates with the opportunity to apply taught assessment and intervention skills to select students from across the state of Connecticut, under faculty supervision during designated course/practicum hours.

Program Admission and Requirements

The following admission requirements are based on State of Connecticut Regulations §10-145d-481.

  1. Master's degree with a minimum 3.00 GPA
  2. Active Connecticut teaching certification (if interested in pursuing the 102 Certification)
  3. Personal statement
  4. Interview

Candidates interested in earning an SYC (Sixth Year Certificate) in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts, with the option to apply for #102 Certification in Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts, are to complete the 21 credits outlined for the Remedial Reading and Remedial Language Arts certification as well as 15 additional credits, for a total of 36 credits as outlined below.

Candidates may be eligible to transfer up to 6 credits into their planned program.

Candidates are advised that they may earn either a Master's degree or a Sixth Year Certificate in Remedial Reading, but not both.

RLDV 5486Developmental Literacy I: Fundamentals of Reading and Language Development3
RLDV 5488Content Area Literacy Strategies3
RLDV 5583Tests and Measurement in Reading and Language Arts Contexts3
RLDV 5585Writing Components and Processes in the Language Arts Program3
RLDV 6586Diagnosis and Remediation of Reading and Language Arts Difficulties3
Select 15 elective credits 115
Clinical Practicum
RLDV 6951Clinical Practicum: Structured Literacy3
RLDV 6952Clinical Practicum: Structured Literacy Applications with Peer Coaching Elements3
Total Credits36

Candidates may opt to apply 10 of their 15 required elective credits toward earning a Wilson Reading Level 1 Certification as part of their SYC program. In such instances, candidates will select the remaining 5 credits of electives under faculty advisement. Alternatively, candidates may opt to craft an individualized concentration in consultation with their faculty advisor.

A Plan of Study is developed during the candidate's interview.