Spanish Major

Spanish majors elect a minimum of 30 upper-division credits in Spanish for a total of 10 courses:

SP 0220Topics in Language and Culture3
SP 0245Analysis and Interpretation of Hispanic Literature3
SP 0381Coordinating Seminar I 13
Select one course from each of the following 3 areas:
Peninsular (Spanish) Literature and Culture3
Spanish Civilization and Culture
Love, Life, and Death in Spanish Literature
Glory, Splendor, and Decay: Spanish Golden Age Literature
Love and Deception in 19th-Century Spanish Literature
20th Century Spanish Literature
Contemporary Spanish Theatre
The Spanish Novel
Latin American Literature and Culture3
Spanish-American Civilization
Hispanic Film
Popular Culture in Latin America
Cuban Film: A Close Look at the Revolution
Spanish-American Narrative
Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region
Dictatorships and Revolutionary Movements in Contemporary Latin America
Literature and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean Migration and Diaspora
Images of Latin American Indians
Structure of the Spanish Language3
Intermediate Spanish for Health Professionals
Spanish and English in Contrast
Career-Oriented Spanish for Business
Career-Oriented Spanish for Nursing and Health Studies
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World
Select 4 additional 200- or 300-level Spanish courses12
Total Credits30

Students must take this course during their senior year.


  • SP 0220 is a prerequisite for all subsequent Spanish classes (except SP 0225, SP 0231B, and SP 0231N). After taking SP 0220, students may take all remaining courses (required and elective) at any time and in any order, provided individual course prerequisites are met.
  • Students who received their High School education in a Spanish-speaking country, in Spanish, are not allowed to take SP 0220. They must still take 30 credits for the major.
  • Study Abroad: Students are encouraged to study 
abroad in a Spanish speaking country. In order to 
have courses taken abroad count toward the Spanish 
major or minor two conditions must be met: 1) the 
courses are taught entirely in Spanish; and 2) the 
content is related to some aspect of Latin American or Spanish culture, history, linguistics, politics, or literature.
  • Any questions regarding the major should be directed to the director of the Spanish section.