Italian Studies

The Italian Studies Program focuses on a nation and people whose contribution to civilization has been significant. Virtually every area of the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics partakes of that heritage, while Italy continues to influence cultural, political, scientific, and economic trends today.

Italian Studies at Fairfield offers students an opportunity to explore, analyze, and appreciate Italy from the perspectives of a variety of academic disciplines, including language, literature, film, art history, architecture, politics, history, philosophy, religion, science, and business. This interdisciplinary program includes courses offered in Connecticut and at Fairfield University's program in Florence, Italy.

European Society Middle Ages
The Roman Revolution
The Roman World in Late Antiquity, 284-642 AD
Modern Languages and Literatures
Elementary Italian I
and Elementary Italian II
Intermediate Italian I
and Intermediate Italian II
Topics in Language and Culture
Made in Italy
Creative Writing
Contemporary Italian Culture
The Novella
Theatre in Italy: Comedy from Machiavelli to Fo
Rome in Cultural Imagination 1
Italian Cinema 1
Dante 1
Italian American Cinema 1
Redefining the Cosmos: Voyages to the New World in the Italian Renaissance
Coordinating Seminar
Coordinating Seminar
Italian-American Experience 1
Modern Political Ideologies
European Politics
Religious Studies
The Papacy
Visual and Performing Arts
Etruscan and Roman Art and Archaeology
Early Renaissance Art in Italy
Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Baroque Art
Art and Mythologies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Bolshevik Russia: Comparative Systems & Outcomes

This Italian course is taught in English.


Carolan (Modern Languages and Literatures)

Advisory Committee

Diaz (Modern Languages and Literatures)
P. Eliasoph (Visual and Performing Arts)