Italian Studies Minor

To complete a 15-credit minor in Italian Studies students complete the following:

Choose five courses in Italian Studies 115
Total Credits15

At least four of the five required courses must be Italy-focused (dealing exclusively with Italy) or Italian language and literature courses numbered 211 or higher. The fifth course may be another Italy-focused course or it may be an Italy-component course in which at least half of the course material deals with Italy. No more than three of the five courses may be completed in a single discipline.


  • The language of modern Italy is Italian. In as much as cultural mores and concepts are reflected and communicated in language, students must achieve minimal proficiency in the language to begin to access the richness and complexity of Italy. Hence, all students pursuing the minor must meet this language expectation by successfully completing IT 0211 Intermediate Italian II, or by passing a placement test administered by University faculty that verifies competency through the intermediate level. Note: Completion of this requirement is not considered a prerequisite for coursework in the minor. Instead, students are permitted to begin minor coursework during or prior to fulfilling the language requirement.
  • While study abroad is not required for completion of the minor, participation in the University’s programs in Florence, Italy (fall, spring, or summer sessions) is strongly encouraged.
  • Italian Studies courses are offered in a variety of fields and disciplines. A complete list of Italy-focused and Italy-component courses is available from the program director.