French Major

French majors elect a minimum of 30 upper-division credits in French for a total of 10 courses:

Select at least 7 courses taught in French 121
Select up to 2 courses taught in English, either from the department's offerings or from a list of approved courses in other departments6
Select one capstone seminar taught in English3
Total Credits30

This may include FR 0211 with a grade of B or better.

Students select their course of study from a variety of offerings including courses on composition and conversation, creative writing, France's culture, francophone culture, literature, film. French majors also have the opportunity to apply for internships that count towards the major. Students are encouraged to study abroad in France or in a francophone country either during the junior year or in the summer. The final course for the French major must be taken at Fairfield University.

All majors are urged to work closely, as soon as possible, with an advisor of their choice to plan a program.

The following list of courses taught in English have been approved to count toward the French major and minor:

AH 0120Medieval Art of Western Europe3
AH 0152Modern Art3
EN 0103Fairy Tales3
EN 0114Caribbean Literature: History, Culture, and Identity *3
EN 0117Introduction to Francophone Sub-Saharan African Culture *3
EN 0316Theoretical Readings of 19th Century Novels3
HI 0230Early Modern France3
HI 0316French Revolution and Napoleon3
PH 0209Existentialism3
PH 0307Descartes3
PH 0316Bergson3

May require some additional work in French to be determined by the French advisor.