The Curricula


Central to Fairfield Bellarmine education and commensurate with the mission of Jesuit higher learning is a deliberate focus on the liberal arts. Over the course of two years, the Fairfield Bellarmine student will complete courses from both tiers of the Magis Core Curriculum, Fairfield University’s arts, sciences, humanities and mathematics requirements. Further, in preparation for earning an Associate Degree, the Fairfield Bellarmine student will choose a program of study from one of the following four areas:

  • Major in Liberal Studies
  • Major in Health Studies
  • Major in Computer Science Engineering
  • Major in Business

 Choice of Curriculum

Each student will work with the deans and advisors to select a plan of study that supports a student’s personal and professional goals.

Students will fulfill the curriculum requirements that are in place at the time the student matriculates.

1000-1999 Introductory Undergraduate Courses
2000-2999 Intermediate Undergraduate Courses
3000-3999 Upper-Level Undergraduate Courses
4000-4999 Advanced Undergraduate Courses


The major is central to a student's program of study at Fairfield Bellarmine. It represents an area of specialization consisting of a cluster of related courses drawn from a single department, more than one department, or an interdisciplinary program. The deans and faculty will work with each student, to identify which of the four programs of study listed above is most appropriate for the student’s academic goals. Each student will receive a detailed plan of study, identifying the course requirements, at the time of matriculation into Fairfield Bellarmine. The Deans and faculty will review the plans of study with each student and utilize them during advising appointments each semester, in order to insure adequate program toward degree completion. 

Magis Core Curriculum

In line with the principles of Jesuit education, specifically with regard to the development of the whole person, all undergraduate students complete courses in the following areas: English writing and rhetoric, history, philosophy, religious studies, mathematics, and language. Additionally, each student will be responsible for completing topical coursework in the following disciplines: literature, visual and performing art, natural science, and behavioral and social science. Further, every student will be exposed to certain courses that are interdisciplinary in perspective, focused on social justice issues, and demand writing both within the discipline and across the curriculum.

Given the specific program requirements and structures of the Associate Degree, it will not be possible for Fairfield Bellarmine students to complete all of the above-mentioned Magis Core requirements. However, as Fairfield Bellarmine students move through their two years of study, they will have the same opportunities to complete many of the Magis Core requirements as those enrolled in the first two years of the Bachelor's Degree program. For those students who intend to continue on for the Bachelor's Degree, they will be on track and will be able to complete the remaining Magis Core requirements in years 3 and 4. For those Fairfield Bellarmine students who choose to complete Bachelor's programs at other institutions, they will find that their Magis Core classes can fulfill most institutions’ general education requirements.

Scholastic Honors

Dean's List

To qualify for the Dean's List at the conclusion of each semester's work, a student must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours, have no outstanding or incomplete grades for that semester, and have attained a semester grade point average of 3.50 or better.

Alpha Alpha Alpha

Tri-Alpha is the Honor Society dedicated to first-generation college students who excel academically. Students are eligible for considering in the honor society after successfully completing at least 30 credits of study toward the Associate degree. An overall GPA of at least 3.20 is required for membership.