Fairfield Bellarmine Overview

Fairfield Bellarmine is the university’s newest academic program. In the Jesuit tradition of serving urban communities and opening access to education for all, Bellarmine offers strong professional preparation and enhanced academic support to underrepresented and first-generation students.

Grounded in a rigorous liberal arts tradition, students pursue a two-year associate’s degree, following their choice among four academic track options: business, computer science engineering, liberal arts, or health studies. Graduates will be prepared to either pursue further studies toward a bachelor’s degree or embark on a meaningful professional career.

Students will complete at minimum 60 credits toward a two-year associate’s degree, taking courses that align with Fairfield University’s academic concentrations, satisfy our traditional core curriculum, and meet Connecticut state articulation requirements for degree completion.

All Fairfield Bellarmine faculty members are experts in their respective academic fields. Faculty accessibility—through mentorship and the fostering of one-on-one relationships with students—is a top priority.  With a low student to faculty ratio, Fairfield's faculty get to know their students as individuals and encourage them to develop their unique talents and follow their passion through internships, co-curricular activities, research opportunities, and a course of study that deepens and expands their knowledge. Full integration of all learning opportunities helps students discern how they can offer their gifts and education to serve others.

Recognizing that many students juggle work and family obligations alongside their academic commitments, student life in Fairfield Bellarmine is built upon the Jesuit tradition of caring for the whole person in their uniqueness — mind, body, and spirit.

The admission process is holistic: assessing not only grades and academic foundation, but also looking individually at each student’s commitment to learning, their extracurricular and community involvement, and their life circumstances.  Our belief in the importance of a thorough and careful review of all aspects of the applicant’s background reflects our mission as a Jesuit institution to care for each person in their uniqueness.

Fairfield’s Bellarmine campus is located in the East End of Bridgeport and is named after St. Robert Bellarmine, S.J., the patron saint of Fairfield University, and a 16th century esteemed Jesuit educator.

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