Film, Television, and Media Arts Major

The Film, Television, and Media Arts Program at Fairfield University seeks to educate students in:

  • hands-on production skills and practices used in the film and television industries;
  • the historical and intellectual traditions of cinema and television in the United States and around the world;
  • critical analysis of media artifacts and their production through academic research and writing;
  • finding and developing their creative and critical voices.

Since the Film, Television, and Media Arts Program exists within a comprehensive, liberal arts university, its curriculum strikes an appropriate balance between professional-quality film and television production, media history and theory, and analytic research and writing.

The Film, Television, and Media Arts major and minor provide a coherent awareness of the aesthetic, artistic, and communicative power of these media by offering courses in theory, history, genres, styles, and structures with hands-on production courses. The program curriculum reflects the convergence of traditional media of film and television into new media of creative possibilities. Students learn the theory, analysis and collaborative practice of all aspects of visual storytelling: writing, moving-image design, producing, directing, cinematography, sound design, digital imaging, and editing.

Students understand the expressive power of these media and experiment with their own creative voices, engaging their imagination and intellect with the tools of these crafts. Many of the program’s faculty members come from the ranks of working professionals, ensuring that information transmitted in the classroom is at the cutting edge of the field.

The home of the program is in the University’s award-winning Media Center, a 15,000-square-foot facility on the ground floor of Xavier Hall. The Media Center facility consists of two fully equipped television studios and control rooms, two nonlinear editing suites with more than 25 editing bays, three media class and screening rooms, digital-imaging and audio labs, and offices for Media Center personnel and equipment distribution. We have a custom-designed 32-foot Mobile Satellite Uplink Production truck with high definition cameras and a Grass Valley Switcher — for productions of our students and staff. This truck enables Fairfield to produce sports, news, public affairs, and entertainment programs virtually anywhere, with immediate broadcast via satellite to the nation or the world. The Media Center is also home to the student television channel, StagsTV, with offices and work areas for their production efforts. Full-time personnel of the Media Center are professional video and digital producers, writers, editors, and design and repair technicians, and many also teach courses within the program.

Majors are also encouraged to explore the interconnections between this program and other disciplines of studio art, music, theatre, and art history as offered within the Department of Visual and Performing Arts.

The academic major is a good introduction for students interested in continuing as professionals in the film and television industries. Since Fairfield has an excellent reputation and is situated in the greater New York region, many opportunities exist for internships in media production and significant internships are available at the Media Center and in production companies throughout the metropolitan area. After graduation, many students in this program acquire solid entry-level jobs in various media fields or continue to develop their interest through graduate studies.

For a 39-credit major in Film, Television, and Media Arts, students complete the following:

Foundation Sequence
FTM 0010Introduction to Film Studies3
FTM 0011Introduction to Film and Video Production3
FTM 0101American Cinema: History and Analysis3
or FTM 0102 American Television: History and Analysis
FTM 0120Beginning Screenwriting for Film and Television3
FTM 0130Nonlinear Editing for Film and Television3
FTM 0131Intermediate Film Production3
Advanced Sequence
FTM 0103World Cinema3
or FTM 0104 Documentary Cinema
Select one 200- or 300-level history/analysis course from the following: 13
Filmmaker Studies (Shell)
African American Cinema
Survey of Film Music: Hearing the Movies
American Film: Decades (Shell)
Film Genres (Shell)
Television Genres (Shell)
Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema
Special Topics (Shell)
Select two electives in applied production, writing, or history/analysis:6
Sports Broadcasting and Remote Television Production
Filmmaker Studies (Shell) 2
African American Cinema
Survey of Film Music: Hearing the Movies
American Film: Decades (Shell) 2
Film Genres (Shell) 2
Television Genres (Shell) 2
Special Topics (Shell)
Gender, Sexuality, and Cinema
Intermediate Screenwriting 2
Lighting and Cinematography
Documentary and Experimental Film Production
Studio Television Production
Directing for Film, Television, and Media
Digital Motion Graphics
Digital Audio Workstation
Acting for the Camera
FTM 0310Capstone Seminar I3
FTM 0311Capstone Seminar II3
FTM 0090Production Practicum in Film, Television, and Media Arts 33
Total Credits39