Leadership Ethics Minor

For a 15-credit minor in leadership ethics, students complete the following:

PH 0101Introduction to Philosophy3
PH 0224Critical Thinking3
PH 0255Leadership Ethics Seminar3
Select two additional ethics-designated courses 16
Total Credits15

Leadership Ethics Electives

Ethics designation is granted by the Philosophy department and confirms the following:

  1. A majority of course content concentrates on at least one of the following: the history of ethics; logic and critical thinking; ethical theory and/or its contemporary applications.
  2. The course places emphasis on at least two of the essential concepts of ethical leadership: character, influence, power, justice, and the common good.
PH 0205Ancient Medicine and Philosophy3
PH 0206Philosophical Perspectives on Women in Classical Literature3
PH 0210Phenomenology3
PH 0217Logic3
PH 0222Evil3
PH 0224Critical Thinking3
PH 0230Philosophy of Self and Subjectivity3
PH 0250Ethical Theory3
PH 0252Philosophy as a Way of Life3
PH 0260Social and Political Philosophy3
PH 0263The Concept of Human Rights3
PH 0264Philosophy of Law3
PH 0281Philosophies of Love and Sex3
PH 0282Violence and the Sacred3
PH 0300Plato3
PH 0301Aristotle3
PH 0314Nietzsche3
PH 0340Critical Theory3
PH 0350Advanced Topics in Ethics3
PH 0360Critical Race Theory3