American Studies Major

For a 30-credit major in American Studies, students complete the following:

Select one Gateway Course3
AS 0200Roots of American Culture3
AS 0399Independent Research Project3
Select five crosslisted courses housed in four different departments. 115
Select two courses minimum beyond AS 0200 and AS 0399 at the Junior/Senior/Graduate level. 1, 26
Total Credits30

Five courses, selected in consultation with advisor, must be housed within a thematic concentration:

  • Expression and Imagination in American Culture
  • Power, Politics, and Institutions in America
  • Race, Ethnicity and Immigration in American Society
  • Gender in American Society
  • Values and Ethics in American Culture
  • America and the World

Majors may take AS 0350 Internship (3 credits) as one of their 10 courses.

Fairfield University also offers a Master of Arts degree in American Studies. The 400-level core and elective courses in that program are available to qualified senior undergraduate American studies majors and minors with approval of the program director.