Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing Leadership, Integrated Healthcare Track

The Nursing Leadership program is an advanced education, nurse generalist degree created in response to an urgent call for better patient outcomes and improved coordination in the delivery of healthcare services. Graduates of the program will provide leadership at all levels of healthcare to move organizations toward evidence-based systems. This is the perfect degree for graduate nurses who do not wish to be nurse practitioners, but do want to maximize career options in dynamic healthcare environments. Career options include management, clinical nurse leaders, nurse navigators, care coordinators (trauma, stroke), hospital education, adjunct clinical faculty, quality improvement, risk management, and a variety of newly emerging roles. The MSN in Nursing Leadership is based on the assumptions and competencies of the AACN and the development of healthcare leaders. The program equips nurses to advocate for change and gives them the skills to make change happen.

This program targets nurses with diverse career specialties, professional goals and personal interests. In addition to a strong core of courses, the curriculum can be customized to meet the diverse needs of the nursing professional, allowing students to choose between two leadership tracks with elective coursework outside the Egan School. To better align students with the interdisciplinary healthcare environment, students can choose from the rich variety of courses in any of the graduate schools at Fairfield for the elective coursework.

Students are able to choose a concentration in Informatics Nursing within the Integrated Healthcare track of the MSN Leadership program. Students in this concentration would complete nine credits of coursework in Informatics Nursing and a four-credit clinical practicum in Informatics Nursing.

Graduate Core Courses
NURS 6521Healthcare Leadership Roles for Systems Improvement3
NURS 7601Epidemiology and Biostatistics3
NURS 7605Advanced Healthcare Policy3
NURS 7608Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice3
Practice Core Courses
NURS 7604Advanced Health Assessment4
NURS 7620Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology3
NURS 7641Advanced Pharmacology3
Integrated Healthcare Leadership Specialty Courses
NURS 6951Master's Leadership Practicum4
NURS 7614Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement3
Select 3 graduate-level electives (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering)9
Total Credits38

Informatics Nursing Concentration

To fulfill a concentration in Informatics Nursing, students will complete the following courses as their required electives:

DATA 6100Fundamentals of Analytics3
ISOM 6900Contemporary Topics Seminar3
MGTN 5415Information Systems3
Total Credits9
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NURS 6521 Healthcare Leadership Roles for Systems Improvement 3
NURS 7620 Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology 3
NURS 7604 Advanced Health Assessment 4
NURS 7641 Advanced Pharmacology 3
Second Year
NURS 7608 Research Methods for Evidenced-Based Practice 3
Master's Elective (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering) 3
NURS 7601 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 3
NURS 7614 Information Technology for Healthcare Improvement 3
Third Year
NURS 7605 Advanced Healthcare Policy 3
Master's Elective (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering) 3
NURS 6951 Master's Leadership Practicum 4
Master's Elective (Arts and Sciences, Business, Education, Engineering) 3
 Total Credits38