Second Degree BS in Nursing Program

Second Degree Core Courses

Select two courses in English6
Select one course in Ethics3
Select one course in Philosophy3
Select one course in Religious Studies3
Prerequisites 1
Select one course in Statistics3
PY 0111Developmental Psychology for Non-Majors3
BI 0107
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab I
BI 0108
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab II
BI 0151
Elements of Microbiology
and Elements of Microbiology Lab
Select one course in Chemistry with lab4
General Electives
Select 11 elective courses33
Total Credits70

Second Degree Nursing Requirements

NS 0110Introduction to Professional Nursing3
NS 0112Healthcare Delivery Systems3
NS 0270Health Assessment4
NS 0272Geriatric Nursing4
NS 0301Health and Wellness3
NS 0303Basic Pathophysiology and Pharmacology3
NS 0305Mental Health Nursing4
NS 0307Fundamentals of Nursing Care4
NS 0310Foundations of Research for Evidence Based Practice3
NS 0312Medical Surgical Nursing I5
NS 0314Maternal and Newborn Nursing4
NS 0321Professional Nursing Leadership3
NS 0323Pediatric Nursing4
NS 0325Medical Surgical Nursing II5
NS 0330Population Health4
NS 0332Transition to Professional Nursing4
Total Credits60
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
NS 0110 Introduction to Professional Nursing 3
NS 0112 Healthcare Delivery Systems 3
NS 0270 Health Assessment 4
NS 0272 Geriatric Nursing 4
NS 0307 Fundamentals of Nursing Care 4
NS 0301 Health and Wellness 3
NS 0303 Basic Pathophysiology and Pharmacology 3
NS 0305 Mental Health Nursing 4
NS 0312 Medical Surgical Nursing I 5
NS 0310 Foundations of Research for Evidence Based Practice 3
NS 0321 Professional Nursing Leadership 3
NS 0323 Pediatric Nursing 4
NS 0325 Medical Surgical Nursing II 5
Second Year
NS 0330 Population Health 4
NS 0332 Transition to Professional Nursing 4
NS 0314 Maternal and Newborn Nursing 4
 Total Credits60