Nursing Study Abroad

The Egan School offers study abroad opportunities for short-term and semester-long study at Fairfield University affiliated programs.

Nursing Semester Study Abroad Options

The nursing semester study abroad program is open to Fairfield University nursing students who have successfully completed all semesters prior to studying abroad, have an overall GPA of at least 3.00, and are recommended by their faculty advisor and the director of the undergraduate nursing program. Students must have a GPA of 3.00 or better in the sciences, with no repeated core science courses. In addition, students must have a minimum average grade of B- (80) in all nursing courses at the midpoint of semester before they study abroad. Normally, a maximum of 8-12 students will be permitted to study abroad in any semester. If there are more applicants that meet the criteria than available spots, then a determination will be made by looking at multiple factors including, but not limited to, ATI performance, student conduct, and academic & clinical performance.

Full-time undergraduate students enroll in liberal arts, healthcare and professional nursing courses in an international setting in the junior year. While abroad or upon return, students will be required to complete selected ATI subject area tests.

National University of Galway, Ireland

The Galway semester runs from January-May. Upon return, students complete a medication and skills review, enroll in a 6-week medical-surgical summer course on campus from mid-May to mid-July, and continue in the traditional nursing progression with some minor curriculum adjustments. Students are responsible for the cost of the summer course and housing.

Australian Catholic University at Brisbane

Students who select the ACU Brisbane option have a semester running from February-June. Medical-surgical theory and clinical will be part of the required curriculum in Brisbane. Students continue in the traditional nursing progression with some minor curricular adjustments.

Non-Nursing Study Abroad Options

The University offers many intersession and summer programs that offer exceptional learning opportunities beyond the classroom. An overall GPA of 2.80 is required to study abroad in short-term and summer programs. Students can choose to study in a variety of countries in South or Central America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Middle East, Asia, Africa, or Australia.