Software Engineering Five-Year Dual Degree Bachelor and Master of Science Program

A five-year program is offered in Software Engineering at Fairfield's School of Engineering, leading to a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science dual degree. This program embraces the educational objectives of the undergraduate program in Computer Science (accreditation track), as well as those of the graduate program in Software Engineering. It emphasizes experiential learning in terms of industrial internships following the sophomore year, and a final capstone project that guides students through a process of design and innovation at the level of a professional engineer. Graduates of the program master the knowledge and tools they need to create the next generation of software solutions to ever more complex technological and societal problems.

Dual Degree Curriculum

Requirements for BS in Computer Science (accreditation track) 1127
Select 8 additional graduate-level electives in Software Engineering 224
Total Credits151

Note: A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at the graduate level.

Changing from Undergraduate to Graduate Status

Students may request a change of status from the undergraduate to the undergraduate/graduate combined plan of study at any point after the following conditions are met, with approval from their academic advisor and the department chair:

  • Completed 60+ credits toward the BS in Computer Science (accreditation track).
  • Successfully completed 6 courses in Software Engineering or Computer Science with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Students will be awarded both the BS in Computer Science (accreditation track) and MS in Software Engineering simultaneously, when all the requirements of the combined degree curricula have been satisfied, usually at the end of the fifth year.

A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at the graduate level.

Computer Science and Software Engineering Electives

Possible electives may include:

Clinic Experiences
CS 0250LComputer Science Sophomore Clinic1
CS 0350LComputer Science Junior Clinic I1
CS 0351LComputer Science Junior Clinic II1
Database Concepts
SW 0355Database Management Systems3
SW 0505Advanced Database Concepts3
SW 0508Data Warehouse Systems3
Data Science and Analytics
CS 0355Artificial Intelligence3
SW 0461Pattern Recognition3
SW 0518Data Mining and Business Intelligence3
SW 0521Information Visualization3
Computer Engineering
CR 0246Digital Electronics Design II3
CR 0325Computer Graphics3
CR 0346Computer System Architecture3
CS 0333Introduction to Cybersecurity3
EE 0346
Embedded Microcontrollers
and Microcontroller Lab
Information Security
SW 0530Introduction to Information Security3
SW 0531Applications and Data Security3
SW 0599Information Security Measures and Countermeasures3
Network Administration
SW 0314Network Concepts3
SW 0596Network Routing and Switching3
Programming and Web Technology
CS 0331Operating Systems3
CS 0343Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
SW 0304Web Development3
SW 0305Mobile Application Development3
SW 0312Agile Software Engineering3
SW 0320Software Testing and Maintenance3
SW 0321Software Project Management3
SW 0409Advanced Programming in Java3
SW 0410Enterprise Java3
SW 0512Web Development II with ASP.NET3