Computer Science Minor

To earn an 18-credit minor in computer science, students complete the following:

CS 0101Introduction to Computing3
CS 0131Fundamentals of Programming3
CS 0231Programming Workshop3
CS 0232Data Structures3
Select 2 additional electives in computer science6
Total Credits18

Computer Science and Software Engineering Electives

Possible electives may include:

Database Concepts
SW 0355Database Management Systems3
SW 0505Advanced Database Concepts3
SW 0508Data Warehouse Systems3
Data Science and Analytics
SW 0461Pattern Recognition3
SW 0518Data Mining and Business Intelligence3
SW 0521Information Visualization3
Electrical Engineering and Computer Hardware
CR 0246Digital Electronics Design II3
CR 0325Computer Graphics3
CR 0346Computer System Architecture3
EE 0346
Embedded Microcontrollers
and Microcontroller Lab
Information Security
SW 0530Introduction to Information Security3
SW 0531Applications and Data Security3
SW 0599Information Security Measures and Countermeasures3
Network Administration
SW 0314Network Concepts3
SW 0348Server Management3
SW 0596Network Routing and Switching3
Programming and Web Technology
SW 0305Mobile Application Development3
SW 0320Software Testing and Maintenance3
SW 0321Software Project Management3
SW 0409Advanced Programming in Java3
SW 0410Enterprise Java3
SW 0512Web Development II with ASP.NET3