Management Major

Management majors study the theory and the practice of managing people and organizations. Emphasis is given to the nature of the management function; the management of people; the relationship between business and society; and to the behavioral, social, and environmental factors that influence effective organization and managerial performance. Research efforts in the field are examined to develop fundamental principles and concepts, which can serve as a rational basis for managerial action. Students may choose one of four concentrations: business and society, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism management, or human resource management.

For a 48-credit major in management, students complete the following:

Business Core Requirements27
MG 0235Managing Human Resources3
MG 0240Leading and Managing People3
MG 0385Managing People for Global Business3
or MG 0390 Cross-Cultural Management
Select three courses from the following: 19
Seminar in Business Law, Regulation, and Ethics
Environmental Law and Policy
Employment Law and Discrimination in the Workplace
Topics in Human Resources
Topics in Management (Shell)
Diversity in the Workplace
Career Planning
Entrepreneurship: Ideation and Validation
Social Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship: Product Development and Commercialization
Managing a Family Business
International Law
High Performance Learning Teams
Negotiations and Dispute Resolution
Ethics and Technology in Business
Managing Non-Profit Organizations
Sports Management
Performance, Compensation, and Reward
Select one Business Elective3
Total Credits48


Business and Society Concentration

Select at least two courses from the following:
AE/BU 0391Seminar in Business Law, Regulation, and Ethics3
BU 0220Environmental Law and Policy3
BU 0320Employment Law and Discrimination in the Workplace3
MG 0350International Law3
MG 0365Ethics and Technology in Business3
MG 0370Managing Non-Profit Organizations3

Entrepreneurship Concentration

Select at least two courses from the following:
MG 0335Entrepreneurship: Ideation and Validation3
MG 0336Social Entrepreneurship3
MG 0337Entrepreneurship: Product Development and Commercialization3
MG 0338Managing a Family Business3

Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration

The purpose of the Hospitality and Tourism Management Concentration is to provide a professional and academic environment for students to gain expertise in the areas of hospitality, tourism, and the culinary arts. This concentration is an innovative combination of Dolan School management courses and courses taken at our partner institution, Florence University of the Arts (FUA). Drawing on FUA’s 20-year experience, this unique international immersion curriculum allows students to pursue a course of study faithful to the articulated vision of the hospitality management program at FUA and consistent with the Jesuit ideals of Fairfield University and the business curriculum of the Dolan School of Business.

The basic structure of the concentration allows Fairfield students to take their University core and business core courses in their first two-and-a-half years at Fairfield. In the spring semester of their junior year, students take courses in FUA’s Hospitality Management program, including an experiential course of managing in an operational restaurant. During the summer, students engage in a supervised special project and an internship, drawing on FUA’s relationships with Florence hospitality and tourism firms. In the fall of their senior year, students will complete their FUA curriculum, followed by their final semester at Fairfield University. Please contact Dr. Carl Scheraga, Management Department Chair, for further information.

Human Resources Concentration

Select at least two courses from the following:
BU 0320Employment Law and Discrimination in the Workplace3
MG 0302Topics in Human Resources3
MG 0320Diversity in the Workplace3
MG 0330Career Planning3
MG 0355High Performance Learning Teams3
MG 0360Negotiations and Dispute Resolution3
MG 0380Performance, Compensation, and Reward3