Business Analytics Major

Business Analytics is an application of new methods and insights to business problems using data, apps, statistical models, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. A variety of industries need capable individuals who can take on positions to collect, analyze, and interpret data in order to make sound business decisions. Being a popular field among recruiters, the Business Analytics major was intelligently designed by our experienced faculty to complement your existing major through exposure to various data analysis tools and apps.

For a 45-credit major in business analytics, students complete the following:

Business Core Requirements27
BUAN 3210Business Analytics Methods3
BUAN 3260Database Systems3
BUAN 4310Business Intelligence3
BUAN 4315Data Mining and Applications3
BUAN 4999Business Analytics Capstone3
Select one elective course in BUAN or ISOM3
Total Credits45

Students must maintain at least a 2.5 average in all business analytics and information systems major courses.