Economics Major

Economics majors in the Dolan School of Business test the claims of theory against the everyday experience of the marketplace. Courses develop reasoning capacity and analytical ability in students, while internships and service learning courses prepare students for a variety of jobs in business, finance, and government.

For a 48-credit major in economics, students complete the following:

Business Core Requirements27
EC 0204Intermediate Microeconomic Theory3
EC 0205Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory3
Select four elective courses in economics 112
Select one Business Elective3
Total Credits48

Investigative Learning Experience

Starting with the Class of 2021, students who complete either the BA or BS degrees in Economics will complete an Investigative Learning Experience as a graduation requirement. This written assignment will ask graduating students to reflect on their learning in the economics major, and to make connections across courses and other experiences, such as internships or study abroad. Students will write up these reflections as a paper and submit it to the department chair before graduation.