Sociology and Anthropology Major

For a 30-credit joint major in Sociology and Anthropology, students complete the following:

AY 0010Introduction to Four-Field Anthropology3
AY 0189Theory and Practice in Anthropology3
AY 0200Anthropological Research Methods3
SO 0011Introduction to Sociology3
SO 0222Methods of Research Design4
SO 0228Classical Social Theory3
Select 12 additional credits in elective sociology and anthropology courses12
Total Credits31


Students may elect to take Field Work Placement for one or two semesters in their senior year in addition to fulfilling the basic requirements of their major. Our internship coordinator, Dr. Rose Rodrigues, works with students to identify compelling internship opportunities and to integrate the internship experience into the Sociology and Anthropology curriculum. Students initiate the process for an internship during the registration period prior to the desired internship semester.