Psychology Major (BA)

Note: The BA degree in Psychology is available only to students in the Class of 2020 or earlier.

For a Bachelor of Arts with a major in psychology, students complete the following:

PY 0101General Psychology3
PY 0261Behavioral Neuroscience3
PY 0211Developmental Psychology for Majors3-4
or PY 0212 Developmental Psychology for Majors with Lab
PY 0201Statistics for Life Sciences4
PY 0202Research Methods in Psychology4
Select one Senior Seminar3
Select four elective courses, including at least one from each of the following groups:12
Group I
Social Psychology
Abnormal Psychology for Majors
Theories of Personality
Group II
Cognitive Psychology
Learning and Applied Behavior Analysis
Sensation and Perception
Total Credits32-33


Permission of instructor is required prior to taking PY 0391, PY 0392, and PY 0395. Students are allowed a maximum of two applied internships and one teaching internship. Students may take PY 0295 only once and PY 0395 only once.

In their senior year, psychology majors may be required to participate in a departmental assessment, such as an exit questionnaire, interview, focus group, or Major Field Test in Psychology.

Concentration in Behavioral Neuroscience

Psychology majors may complete a concentration in behavioral neuroscience by completing the following:

Note: Psychology majors with an interest in behavioral neuroscience should focus on these courses when completing the major.

PY 0261Behavioral Neuroscience3
PY 0236Human Neuropsychology3
Select three additional courses from the list below:9
Cognitive Psychology
Learning and Applied Behavior Analysis
Sensation and Perception
Hormones and Behavior
Drugs and Behavior
Special Topics (Shell) 1
Supervised Research 2
Senior Seminar: Current Issues in Behavioral Neuroscience
Neuroanatomy and Behavior
Senior Seminar: Special Topics (Shell) 1
Independent Research 2
Total Credits15