Latin American and Caribbean Studies Minor

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor, an interdisciplinary program, offers students an opportunity to develop a focus on this multifaceted area of the world.

To earn a 15-credit Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor, students complete the following:

Select four elective courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies 112
Capstone Seminar
Select one of the following: 23
Justice and the Developing World
Latin America and the United States
Independent Study
Total Credits15

Language Proficiency

Students must demonstrate proficiency in French, Portuguese, or Spanish. Students may demonstrate language proficiency when they pass FR 0211PG 0211, or SP 0211.

Language Electives

Students may count three courses of Spanish or French culture and literature to count among their four elective courses. Students may count one Portuguese course with the approval of their advisor.

Study Abroad

Students are strongly advised to apply for a junior semester or year abroad in a country of Latin America or the Caribbean from a wide range of programs. Summer programs are also available. Students are particularly encouraged to study in Nicaragua through our partner, Universidad Centroamericana-Managua. Other approved country programs include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru. Summer programs and short-term immersions are available too. Short-term courses led by Fairfield University faculty members include courses in Brazil, Cuba, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Students are also encouraged to pursue an internship in a Latin American or Caribbean country (see LAC 0373). Funding assistance for internships and research abroad is available through inquiry with the LACS Program Directors.

Note: While the majority of courses taken abroad should count towards a LACS minor, in some cases, based on content, a study abroad course may not be awarded credit towards the LACS minor.

Students may count courses taken for the Latin American and Caribbean studies minor toward their core curriculum or major program requirements.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Electives

Art History
AH 0013Art of Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas3
BI 0319Zoology Field Experience 13
EC 0112Economic Aspects of Current Social Problems 13
EC 0120Environmental Economics3
EC 0230Comparative Economic Systems 13
EC 0235Economic Development of Third World Nations 13
EN 0105African Diaspora: Literature and Culture3
EN 0114Caribbean Literature: History, Culture, and Identity3
EN 0123Ethnic American Literature3
EN 0282Latin@ Literature3
EN 0375Caribbean Women Writers3
FR 0211Intermediate French II3
HI 0288Colonial Latin America, 1492-18003
HI 0289Modern Latin America, 1800-Present3
HI 0297Power, Politics, History: U.S.-Latin American Relations from the 1800s to the Present3
HI 0383Food, Consumption, and Commodities in Latin America, 1500 to the Present: From Chocolate to Cocaine 13
International Studies
IL 0295Seminar in International Studies 13
MU 0122World Music History and Ensemble 13
NS 0330Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing 14
NS 0340Introduction to Global Public Health for Non-Nurses3
PO 0253Latin American Politics3
PG 0211Intermediate Brazilian Portuguese II3
Religious Studies
RS 0235Liberation Theology3
Sociology and Anthropology
SO 0185Introduction to International Migration 13
SO 0188Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Society3
SO 0191Social Change in Developing Nations 13
SP 0211Intermediate Spanish II3
SP 0220Topics in Language and Culture 13
SP 0231BCareer-Oriented Spanish for Business3
SP 0231NCareer-Oriented Spanish for Nursing and Health Studies3
SP 0245Analysis and Interpretation of Hispanic Literature3
SP 0253Spanish-American Civilization3
SP 0271Hispanic Film3
SP 0305Popular Culture in Latin America3
SP 0306Cuban Film: A Close Look at the Revolution3
SP 0353Spanish-American Narrative3
SP 0359Culture, Civilization, and Literature in the Spanish-American Caribbean Region3
SP 0360Dictatorships and Revolutionary Movements in Contemporary Latin America3
SP 0363Literature and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean Migration and Diaspora3
SP 0371Images of Latin American Indians3
SP 0381Coordinating Seminar I 13