Judaic Studies Minor

Students may structure their own course of study in consultation with the program director, but they are expected to gain an understanding of basic Jewish religious beliefs and practices as well as those political, social, and cultural forces that have helped shape the historical experiences of the Jewish people.

For a 15-credit minor in Judaic studies, students complete the following:

Select five courses in Judaic Studies, including:15
At least two courses in Religious Studies
At least one course outside the Department of Religious Studies
Total Credits15

Independent study and internships are encouraged and can be substituted for any course (other than the two required Religious Studies courses) with the approval of the program director. Students are also encouraged to apply for spring, summer, fall, or year-long programs in the United States or Israel, especially those offering Hebrew language study. Students receiving credit for such programs and/or Judaic studies courses taken at another university may count up to six Hebrew language credits and three additional credits toward the Judaic Studies minor.

Judaic Studies Electives

EN 0113Literature of the Holocaust3
HI 0205Anti-Semitism: Medieval to Modern3
HI 0210The Third Reich3
HI 0212Modern Germany: From Reich to Republic3
HI 0214Modern Jewish History3
HI 0242Immigration, Race, and Ethnicity in U.S. History3
HI 028420th Century Russia3
HI 0304The Holocaust in History and Memory3
Modern Languages and Literatures
HE 0110Elementary Hebrew I3
HE 0111Elementary Hebrew II3
Religious Studies
RS 0201Hebrew Bible/Old Testament3
RS 0205Women in the Bible3
RS 0209Jewish Interpretations of Scriptures3
RS 0210Introduction to Judaism3
RS 0211History of the Jewish Experience3
RS 0213Jews and Judaism in America3
RS 0215Women in Judaism3
RS 0218Faith After the Holocaust3
RS 0300Second Temple Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrolls3
RS 0315Modern Jewish Theology3
Visual and Performing Arts
AH 0109Jewish Art: Moses to Modernity3
AH 0191Art and Mythologies of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Bolshevik Russia: Comparative Systems & Outcomes3