Classical Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Classical Studies, students complete the following:

Select five or more courses drawn from the program's offerings and from related courses in other departments15
Total Credits15

Appropriate courses used for the minor in Classical Studies may also be used to simultaneously fulfill the core requirements in History, Philosophy, Arts, English Literature, and/or Modern and Classical Languages.

Classical Studies Electives 

Art History
AH 0111Greek Art and Archaeology3
AH 0112Etruscan and Roman Art and Archaeology3
AH 0209The Historic Plaster Cast Collection at Fairfield University3
AH 0210Myth in Classical Art3
AH 0222Byzantine Art3
EN 0106Masterpieces of Greek Literature in English Translation3
EN 0107Masterpieces of Roman Literature in English Translation3
EN 0108Myth in Classical Literature3
EN 0109Greek Tragedy in English Translation3
EN 0127Romantic Love in Greek and Roman Literature3
HI 0221Hellenistic World, 336-30 BCE3
HI 0222The Roman Revolution3
HI 0223The Roman World in Late Antiquity, 284-642 AD3
HI 0324Ancient Greece, Rome, and Africa3
HI 0325Athenian Democracy and Empire3
PH 0200Ancient Philosophy3
PH 0205Ancient Medicine and Philosophy3
PH 0206Philosophical Perspectives on Women in Classical Literature3
PH 0300Plato3
PH 0301Aristotle3