Biology Minor

For an 18-20 credit minor in biology, students complete the following:

BI 0170
General Biology I
and General Biology I Lab
BI 0171
General Biology II
and General Biology II Lab
BI 0172
General Biology III
and General Biology III Lab
Any two 3- or 4-credit biology courses numbered 200 or greater from the biology block electives.6-8
Total Credits18-20

Double counting is not allowed.

Please note that many upper level biology courses require four semesters of Chemistry as prerequisites.

Biology Block Electives

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Block
BI 0261Genetics4
BI 0327Cell Biology4
BI 0342Developmental Biology4
BI 0352Fundamentals of Microbiology4
BI 0354Molecular Biology3
BI 0357General Virology3
Biochemistry and Physiology Block
BI 0107Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BI 0108Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BI 0251Human Nutrition3
BI 0262Human Physiology4
BI 0310Community Nutrition4
BI 0314Endocrinology3
BI 0315Anatomy: Form and Function3
BI 0324Biochemistry I3
BI 0325Biochemistry II3
BI 0330Nutrient Metabolism3
BI 0356Immunology3
Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science Block
BI 0218Vertebrate Zoology3
BI 0260Ecology4
BI 0319Zoology Field Experience3
BI 0362Marine Invertebrate Zoology4
BI 0364Freshwater Ecology4
BI 0365Evolutionary Biology4
BI 0366Ornithology4
BI 0372Environmental Toxicology4