Asian Studies Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Asian Studies, students complete the following:

AN 0310Asian Studies Seminar 1, 23
CI 0253China and the West: Stories of Encounter (or one crosslisted course in English, Philosophy, Religious Studies, or Visual and Performing Arts)3
Select three courses from the Asian Studies Elective list 33
Total Credits9

Normally taken during the junior or senior year.


AN 0301 Independent Study may be substituted if the seminar is not offered or if program faculty approve a student proposal for independent study in lieu of the seminar. A designated 100-300 level course from a rotation of the course offerings also fulfills the requirement.


Language courses may count for all three only if they are in the same language.

Study Abroad in Asia is not required for this minor, but is strongly recommended. Some courses taken abroad may be counted toward the minor with the Asian Studies Director's approval.