Diversity Vision Statement

As a Jesuit and Catholic institution, Fairfield University’s commitment to the God-given dignity of the human person requires that we create an environment that promotes justice and fosters a deep understanding of human and cultural diversity. Fairfield is committed to encouraging dialogue among those with differing points of view in order to realize an integral understanding of what it means to be human. The University recognizes that transcending the nation’s political and social divisions is a matter of valuing diversity and learning respect for individuals, in their similarities and their differences. Fairfield will continue to integrate diversity in all facets of University life: academic, administrative, social, and spiritual, as together the community seeks to realize a vision of common good that is rooted in genuine human solidarity.

Fairfield University defines diversity in the broadest sense, reflecting its commitment to creating a more inclusive community that is reflective of the richly diverse global community of which we are part. Diversity encompasses not only racial, ethnic, and religious diversity, but also diversity of socioeconomic contexts, cultural perspectives, national origins, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical ability, and educational backgrounds.