Sixth Year Certificate in School Psychology

A separate admission application for the SYC must be submitted. Those wishing to be accepted for matriculation at the SYC level must first complete all the MA course requirements in school psychology. Applicants with related MA degrees may be considered for admission into the SYC program. However, all MA degree requirements in the School Psychology program must be completed.

Candidates must submit their e-Portfolio before the completion of PY 0599 Internship in School Psychology II. Additionally, candidates must pass the Praxis II test in School Psychology.

Candidates who are accepted into the SYC program with related degrees must fulfill all program course requirements. They must also develop and submit their e-Portfolios and complete three full day PREPaRE crisis management workshops presented by certified faculty trainers.

A prior master's degree (or higher) in a relevant field is required.

PY 0449Introduction to Clinical Child Neuropsychology3
PY 0535Collaborative Consultation3
PY 0538Psychoeducational Assessment II: Standardized Approaches3
PY 0540Psychoeducational Assessment III: Clinical Approaches3
PY 0544Psychoeducational Assessment IV: Integrated Assessment3
PY 0548Psychotherapeutic Techniques for School-Age Youth3
PY 0576Practicum I: Assessment and Group Process3
PY 0577Practicum II: Counseling and Group Process3
PY 0598Internship in School Psychology I3
PY 0599Internship in School Psychology II3
Total Credits30