Master of Arts in School Psychology

All candidates admitted to the School Psychology program must satisfy the requirements for the MA degree as listed in the program of study. Those candidates admitted into the MA program who did not complete an undergraduate major in psychology may be required to take additional coursework as identified by their advisor.

FT 0433Social Justice and Diversity in Professional Practice3
PY 0430Issues in Professional Practice in School Psychology3
PY 0433Behavioral Statistics3
PY 0435Psychology of Personality3
PY 0436Psychopathology and Classification I3
PY 0438Treatment Models for School-Age Youth3
PY 0446Developmental Psychology I: Theory and Application in Professional Practice3
PY 0534Theories of Learning3
PY 0537Psychoeducational Assessment I: Behavioral Approaches3
PY 0099Comprehensive Examination in School Psychology 10
SE 0403Foundations in Research and Evaluation of Psychoeducational Issues in Special Education3
SE 0413Theories of and Introduction to Learning Disabilities3
Total Credits33