Sixth Year Certificate in Foundations in Education

The Sixth Year Certificate (SYC) in Foundations in Education is an advanced professional degree for experienced educational professionals and community educators who wish to deepen and expand their knowledge of teaching and learning in a socio-cultural context. Candidates for this degree may select from several possible cluster/concentrations, including Curriculum Studies or Literacy, Language, and Culture.

Foundational Core
ED 0493Educational Imagination: Exploring Multicultural Identities & Curriculum in a Cross-Cultural Context3
ED 0534Theories of Learning3
ED 0540Ethics and Advocacy in Educational Contexts3
ED 0565Principles of Curriculum Development and Evaluation3
Select one concentration from the following areas:12
Curriculum Studies
Literacy, Language, and Culture
Individualized Concentration with approval of program advisor
Integrated Inquiry/Advocacy Sequence
ED 0552Participatory Research and Advocacy in School and Community Settings3
ED 0590Reflective Research Practicum in Teaching3
Total Credits30