Master of Arts in Elementary Education with Initial Certification

The MA in Elementary Education provides candidates with the theoretical and pedagogical knowledge and skills needed for initial certification in Elementary Education (Grades 1-6) within an advocacy based, culturally responsive framework. Candidates can earn their master's and certification in Elementary Education through the post-baccalaureate master's degree program or through the Five-Year Integrated Bachelor and Master of Arts degree program. 

Core Courses
ED 0429Philosophical Foundations of Education3
ED 0512Contemporary Schooling in Society3
ED 0522Learning and the Child's Experience3
or ED 0442 Educational Psychology
MD 0400Introduction to Educational Technology3
SE 0403Foundations in Research and Evaluation of Psychoeducational Issues in Special Education3
SE 0565Evidence-Based Strategies in the Inclusive Classroom3
Elementary Education Coursework
ED 0405Contexts of Education in the Primary Grades3
ED 0431Extending Literacy in the Elementary School: Grades 3-63
ED 0437Developing Literacy in the Elementary School: Primary Grades3
ED 0447Learning Mathematics in the Elementary Classroom3
ED 0497Teaching Science in the Elementary Classroom3
ED 0545Developing Integrated Curriculum for Elementary Students: Inquiry and Action3
ED 0583Elementary Student Teaching: Immersion in a Community of Practice 16
ED 0584Reflective Practice Seminar: Elementary Education3
ED 0598edTPA Portfolio 20
Integrated Inquiry/Advocacy Sequence
ED 0499Introduction to Educational Research3
ED 0511Capstone: Educating for Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement3
Total Credits51

Note: Based on elementary education faculty evaluations, teacher candidates may also be required to take ED 0441 Teaching and Learning within Multicultural Contexts of Education and/or ED 0442 Educational Psychology.