Computer Science and Mathematics Double Major

To earn a double major in computer science and mathematics, students will prepare a custom plan of study. Students generally complete the following:

CPEG 2245
Digital Design I
and Digital Design I Lab
CPEG 3346Computer Systems Architecture3
CPSC 1101Introduction to Computing3
CPSC 1131Fundamentals of Programming3
CPSC 2231
Programming Workshop
and Programming Workshop Lab
CPSC 2232
Data Structures
and Data Structures Lab
CPSC 2250LComputer Science Sophomore Clinic1
CPSC 2304Web Development3
CPSC 3333Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CPSC 3343Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
CPSC 3351LComputer Science Junior Clinic I1
CPSC 3352LComputer Science Junior Clinic II1
CPSC 3354Theory of Programming Languages3
MATH 1141Calculus I for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
or MATH 1171 Calculus I
MATH 1142Calculus II for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
or MATH 1172 Calculus II
MATH 2231Discrete Mathematics3
MATH 2235Linear Algebra3
MATH 2243Calculus III for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
or MATH 2273 Multivariable Calculus
MATH 3336Abstract Algebra3
MATH 3337Number Theory3
MATH 3342Theory of Computation3
MATH 3371Real Analysis3
SWEG 3301Software Engineering Methods3
SWEG 3302Software Design Methods3
Select 3 courses from Computer Science major electives or 3000-level mathematics9
Total Credits81