Digital Journalism Minor

For a 15-credit minor in Digital Journalism, students complete the following:

ENGL 1870News Writing3
ENGL 2370News Writing II: Digital Design3
Tier I: Digital Journalism Creation
Select at least one course from the following: 13-6
Broadcast Communication
Introduction to Sports Writing
The Power of Podcasting
Creative Writing: Nonfiction II
Multimedia Writing
Writing the Feature Story
Issues in News Writing
Literary Journalism
Sports Journalism
Journalism Practicum
Tier II: Media Theory
Select up to one course from the following: 20-3
Media Institutions
American Media / American History
Comparative Media Systems
Globalization, Media, and Culture
Misinformation in Digital Media
Social Media
Media Law and Ethics
Capstone Course
Select one course from the following: 33
Independent Writing Project
Journalism Practicum
Total Credits15