Reading and Language Development

The Reading and Language Development Program was designed to provide classroom educators and remedial reading interventionists with the knowledge and skills necessary to translate the science of reading into artful practice. The Program strives to create a community of reflective learners and practitioners who are committed to scientifically-informed decision-making, academic excellence, and personal accountability and growth. Congruent with our Graduate School’s Conceptual Framework, the program reinforces the critical importance of professional attitudes and dispositions that foster successful collaborations in the service of children and families.

The Program prepares educators in current best practices, as supported by reading research, and responds to state and national policy initiatives. Course content and practicum experiences are arranged to support candidates' mastery of essential knowledge and skills required in order to successfully serve students’ diverse reading and language arts needs in core, intervention, and remedial instructional contexts.

Program candidates receive training in a variety of instructional practices, approaches, methods, and curriculum materials, with an emphasis on the principles and practices of Structured Literacy™.  Candidates are prepared to support and mentor classroom teachers and other professionals in creating literate environments conducive to successful reading and writing. In doing so, the program prepares candidates in a wide range of critical competency areas, with consideration for students in Grades 1-12.

The program features a partnership with Wilson Language Training and candidates who wish to do so, can earn a Wilson Level 1 Certification.

Attend an Information Session

Individuals interested in learning more about the programs offered through Reading and Language Development are encouraged to sign up for one of several information sessions that are scheduled throughout the year. A link for doing so can be found on the program's website.