Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation

The Educational Studies and Teacher Preparation Department offers graduate programs for new and experienced teachers and community educators that are organized around reflective inquiry and socially responsible professional practice. Guided by the GSEAP conceptual framework, we are committed to educating scholar-practitioners who have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to: enact meaningful connections between theory and practice; promote a developmental model of human growth and learning; exercise ethical professional judgment and leadership; and advocate for quality education for all learners.

As members of an inclusive community of learners, we (faculty, experienced and aspiring classroom teachers, and community members and leaders) work together to create and sustain exemplary learning environments that empower pre-K-12 students to become engaged, productive citizens in their communities.

Disposition Statement

In view of the essential responsibility of the program to assure the protection of the healthy development of children and adolescents served by educators, the faculty reserve the right to discontinue the program of any candidate, at any time during their program, whose academic performance is marginal, whose comprehensive examination results are not rated as passing, or whose personal qualities are deemed not appropriate to the field. Such a candidate may be denied recommendation for certification. The Disposition Statement presented in this catalog is applicable to all programs offered by the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions.


Across all programs, our foci for inquiry and action include: the socio-cultural and political contexts of education and schooling; the complexities of teaching and learning; teacher work and professional cultures; culturally relevant understandings of human growth and development; and socially responsible uses of technology in schooling and society. Application deadlines are listed online.