International Business (INBU)

INBU 1054 Contemporary Issues Affecting the Global Business Environment 3 Credits

Attributes: INEL International Studies / International Business Elective

Prerequisites: ECON 1011, ECON 1012; or INST 1053.

This course introduces students to contemporary issues facing businesses that operate in the global market. Students will learn about the changing global business environment on a macro-level. The course focuses on the evolving rhetoric surrounding international trade and its impact on business activity, the now of investment to developing countries and emerging markets, and the status of global and regional integration and/or potential disintegration. Through the study of these current real-world topics in international business, students will learn about challenges and opportunities of doing business in an interconnected global environment while working with international organizations, local governments, and global competitors. Previously IL 0154.

INBU 6000 Study Abroad 3 Credits

This program provides students with the opportunity to supplement their class lectures and assignments on a specific topic during a visit to specific world region. The program offers students the invaluable experience of visiting a company and meeting business leaders in another country to learn about their culture and business practices. Previously IB 0580.