RN to BSN Program

RN to BSN Core Courses

EN 0011Texts and Contexts I: Writing as Craft and Inquiry3
EN 0012Texts and Contexts II: Writing About Literature3
Select one 200-level English Literature course3
Select one History of Western Civilization course3
Select one History elective course3
Select two courses in Visual and Performing Arts or Modern Languages 16
Select two Philosophy courses6
Select one Ethics course3
Select two Religious Studies courses6
General Electives
Select four general elective courses12
Social Sciences
Select two courses from the following:6
Human Communication Theories
and Mass Media and Society
Math and Science
Select two Natural Science courses6-8
Select one Calculus course3
Select one Statistics course3
Total Credits66-68

Nursing Courses for RN to BSN Students

Advanced Placement 230-34
NS 0112Healthcare Delivery Systems3
NS 0250Dimensions of Professional Nursing3
NS 0252Health Assessment for Registered Nurses3
NS 0310Foundations of Research for Evidence Based Practice3
NS 0321Professional Nursing Leadership3
NS 0330Community, Public, and Global Health Nursing4
NS 0356Transition Seminar for Professional Nursing3
Select one Nursing elective 33
Total Credits55-59