Management of Technology Five-Year Dual Degree Program

This dual degree program offering broadens a student’s options and permits them to pursue the combination of any existing Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree offered by Fairfield University with a Master of Science in the Management of Technology and complete the effort in a five-year time frame. This combination enables students not only to understand engineering, management and business concepts, but also to understand their integration and how the intersection distinctively shapes our world and their careers.

Students may receive a bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science (accreditation track) and a master’s degree in Management of Technology. The Management of Technology track integrates business and management knowledge into an engineering curriculum to prepare engineers for leadership roles in technology-based organizations. The dual degree engineering management curriculum combines breadth of knowledge of general engineering subject matter with depth of knowledge in a specific engineering discipline. Students achieve depth of knowledge by majoring in bioengineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or computer science (accreditation track). In addition, multi-disciplinary coursework prepares students for positions in fields that require human resource and project management, financial and business understanding, marketing, and communication skills to complement their engineering knowledge.

Graduates of this dual degree option will be prepared for an engineering design opportunity in their discipline as well as leadership positions in other engineering and business related settings. They will be comfortable with the international languages of engineering and business. Engineers and technology specialists with business skills allows them to address engineering and business issues from a variety of perspectives.  The integrated engineering-business skills that students gain represents a sure-fire combination for career success.

The five-year program incorporates every required course in the existing undergraduate program except for the senior project. The senior project course (EG 0390 and EG 0391) is replaced by the two-semester Management of Technology Capstone courses (MOT 0591 and MOT 0592).

Students must complete the following courses in the Management of Technology master’s degree program:

FI 0400Principles of Finance 33
MG 0508Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation: The Entrepreneurial Firm 33
MG 0584Global Competitive Strategy 33
MOT 0415Information Systems 13
MOT 0460Project Management 23
MOT 0470Leadership in Technical Enterprise3
MOT 0591Capstone I: Project Definition and Planning3
MOT 0592Capstone II: Project Execution and Results3
Select four elective courses in Management of Technology 412
Total Credits36

At the end of the five year program, students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science (accreditation track), as well as the Master of Science in Management of Technology. 

Completion of the required graduate-level courses may be accomplished by taking the MOT courses during the semesters shown below:

Plan of Study Grid
Fourth Year
MOT 0415 Information Systems 1 3
MOT 0470 Leadership in Technical Enterprise 1 3
MOT 0460 Project Management 2 3
Select one elective course in Management of Technology 2, 3 3
Fifth Year
FI 0400 Principles of Finance 4 3
MG 0508 Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation: The Entrepreneurial Firm 4 3
MOT 0591 Capstone I: Project Definition and Planning 3
Select one elective course in Management of Technology 3 3
MG 0584 Global Competitive Strategy 4 3
MOT 0592 Capstone II: Project Execution and Results 3
Select two elective courses in Management of Technology 3 6
 Total Credits36