Mechanical Engineering Major

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

134 credits

Core Curriculum

Mechanical engineering majors follow the Engineering Core Curriculum with the following prescribed courses:

Area I: Mathematics and Natural Sciences
MA 0145Calculus I for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
MA 0146Calculus II for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
MA 0245Calculus III for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors4
MA 0251Ordinary Differential Equations3
CH 0111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
PS 0115
General Physics I
and General Physics I Lab
PS 0116
General Physics II
and General Physics II Lab
Area II: History and Social/Behavioral Sciences
Select one 100-level history course3
Select one 200- or 300-level history course3
EC 0011Introduction to Microeconomics3
Select one additional social science elective 13
Area III: Philosophy and Religious Studies
PH 0101Introduction to Philosophy3
Select one 200-level philosophy course3
RS 0101Exploring Religion (Shell)3
Select one 200-level religious studies course3
AE 0287Engineering Ethics3
Area IV: English and Visual and Performing Arts
EN 0011Texts and Contexts I: Writing as Craft and Inquiry3
EN 0012Texts and Contexts II: Writing About Literature3
Select one 100-level English course 23
Select one history-focused course in Visual and Performing Arts3
EG 0130Engineering Graphics I3
Area V: Modern and Classical Languages
Engineering majors are exempt from this requirement
Free Electives
Select two elective courses6
Total Credits75

Major Requirements

For a 59-credit major in mechanical engineering, students complete the following:

Engineering Foundation
EG 0031Fundamentals of Engineering I3
EG 0145Mathematical Analysis3
EE 0213
Introduction to Electric Circuits
and Electric Circuits Lab
EG 0390Senior Design Project I3
EG 0391Senior Design Project II3
Mechanical Engineering Depth
ME 0201Engineering Statics3
ME 0203Kinematics and Dynamics3
ME 0206LMechanics Lab1
ME 0207Materials Science3
ME 0241Principles of Thermodynamics3
ME 0307LDynamics Systems Lab1
ME 0308Strength of Materials3
ME 0311Machine Design3
ME 0318Finite Element Analysis3
ME 0325Engineering Systems Dynamics3
ME 0342Applications of Thermodynamics3
ME 0347Fluid Mechanics3
ME 0348LThermal and Fluids Lab1
ME 0349Heat Transfer3
ME 0350LEnergy Transfer Lab1
Select two Mechanical Engineering Major electives6
Total Credits59

Mechanical Engineering Electives

Possible electives may include:

Thermal Systems
ME 0323Thermal Management of Microdevices3
ME 0346Energy Conversion3
ME 0353Computational Fluid Dynamics3
ME 0354Heat and Mass Transfer3
ME 0362Turbomachinery3
Mechanical Systems
EG 0300Feedback Control Systems3
EG 0330Engineering Graphics II3
EG 0305Design of Mechatronics Systems3
ME 0319Applications of Finite Element Analysis3
ME 0321Theory and Applications of Robot Kinematics3
ME 0322Advanced Dynamics3
ME 0324Micro and Nano Manufacturing3
ME 0327Fracture Mechanics3
ME 0330Mechanics of Composite Materials3
ME 0372Applications of Theory of Elasticity3
ME 0382Independent Study: Advanced Mechanical Project1-3

Note: In addition to the undergraduate courses listed, juniors and seniors may take appropriate graduate-level courses as electives with the permission of the department chair and the instructor.

A typical, full-time, four-year plan of study appears below.  Some variation may be possible.  Students should always discuss their individual plan of study with their advisor prior to registering for courses. 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
EG 0031 Fundamentals of Engineering I 3
EN 0011 Texts and Contexts I: Writing as Craft and Inquiry 3
MA 0145 Calculus I for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors 4
PS 0115 General Physics I 3
PS 0115L General Physics I Lab 1
PH 0101 Introduction to Philosophy 1 3
EG 0145 Mathematical Analysis 3
EN 0012 Texts and Contexts II: Writing About Literature 3
MA 0146 Calculus II for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors 4
PS 0116 General Physics II 3
PS 0116L General Physics II Lab 1
EG 0130 Engineering Graphics I 3
Second Year
MA 0245 Calculus III for Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics Majors 4
ME 0201 Engineering Statics 3
CH 0111
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Lab
ME 0207 Materials Science 3
ME 0206L Mechanics Lab 1
RS 0101 Exploring Religion (Shell) 1 3
ME 0203 Kinematics and Dynamics 3
ME 0307L Dynamics Systems Lab 1
ME 0308 Strength of Materials 3
MA 0251 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
HI 0100 Origins of the Modern World Since 1500 3
CORE (Religious Studies 200-level) 1 3
Third Year
EE 0213 Introduction to Electric Circuits 3
EE 0213L Electric Circuits Lab 1
ME 0241 Principles of Thermodynamics 3
ME 0311 Machine Design 3
EC 0011 Introduction to Microeconomics 2 3
Core History 200-level 1 3
ME 0318 Finite Element Analysis 3
ME 0342 Applications of Thermodynamics 3
ME 0347 Fluid Mechanics 3
ME 0348L Thermal and Fluids Lab 1
Core Philosophy 200-level 1 3
Core Social Sciences course 3 3
Fourth Year
ME 0325 Engineering Systems Dynamics 3
ME 0349 Heat Transfer 3
ME 0350L Energy Transfer Lab 1
EG 0390 Senior Design Project I 3
Major Elective 4 3
General Elective 5 3
AE 0287 Engineering Ethics 3
EG 0391 Senior Design Project II 3
Major Elective 4 3
Core English 100-level Literature course 1 3
Core Visual/Performing Arts History 6 3
General Elective 5 3
 Total Credits134