Sixth Year Certificate in Reading and Language Development

Note: Effective Fall 2017, the Graduate School of Education and Allied Professions is no longer accepting applications for this program.

The Sixth Year Certificate (SYC) in Reading and Language Development will prepare classroom teachers who have an MA and a minimum of two years or 20 months teaching experience to become master literacy teachers. The SYC program of study will be offered in two tracks: full- and part-time. The full-time Anne E. Fowler Literacy Fellowship program (4 courses per semester) for candidates with a minimum of three years or 30 months teaching experience will provide stipends and tuition support for currently practicing teachers to take a one-year leave of absence to complete the program. The traditional part-time format of two courses a semester will also be available for those who are not part of the fellowship program.

Participants will receive advanced and specialized training in literacy instruction. All of the courses in the Reading and Language Development program are aligned with the NCATE SPA Standards of the International Reading Association and with the new Knowledge and Practice Standards of the International Dyslexia Association. Finally, the SYC in Reading and Language Development is based on the Literacy How Mentor/ Apprentice Model developed by Dr. Margie Gillis, Fairfield University Research Affiliate. Based on current research and best practices, this developmental model scaffolds theory to practice through the presentation of foundational knowledge that candidates learn through extensive observation in K-3 classrooms, one-on-one tutoring and small group literacy interventions. Candidates work with university supervisors who act as coaches while candidates develop their expertise as developmental reading and language arts teachers.

The SYC Reading and Language Development Program is grounded in the following tenants of Ignatian Pedagogy: context and experience, reflection, action, and evaluation. The three- semester mentor/apprenticeship sequence offers recursive experiences and evaluation aligned with the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm. Candidates will reflect on research-based best practices within a developmental process of context-experience-reflection-action-evaluation.

Program Admission and Requirements

The following admission requirements are based on State of Connecticut Regulation Sec. 10-145d-481.

The applicant must have the following:

  1. holds or is eligible for a Connecticut certificate.
  2. has completed at least 20 school months of successful classroom teaching experience.
  3. has an MA or equivalent coursework.
  4. has successfully completed the Connecticut Foundations of Reading Test or the Connecticut Reading Survey.
  5. has completed a course of study in special education comprised of not fewer than 36 clock hours (requirement for initial certification in Connecticut).

The Sixth Year Certificate in Reading and Language Development is a 36-credit (12-course) program of study based on a mentor/apprenticeship model.

The program is designed with two tracks:

  • An intensive full-time two-semester and one-summer program with a capstone course the following fall semester
  • A part-time option

The following courses are required for completion of the Sixth Year Certificate:

RLD/SE 0429Principles of Structured Literacy I: Fundamentals of Reading and Language Development3
RLD/MD 0503Research and Evaluation in Multidisciplinary Contexts3
RLD 0504Practicum in Scientifically Research-Based Intervention Practices, Tiers II and III3
RLD/SE 0529Principles of Structured Literacy II: Essentials of Decoding and Encoding3
RLD 0530Language and Reading Acquisition for English Language Learners and Students with Special Needs3
RLD 0535Handwriting, Spelling, and Writing Instruction in the Reading and Language Arts Program3
RLD 0550Reading Different Types of Texts and Academic Language: Content Area Literacy3
RLD 0560Principles of Scientifically Research-Based Interventions in Reading and Language Arts3
RLD 0565Differential Diagnosis of Reading Disability Subtypes3
RLD 0591Practicum in Scientifically Research-Based Core Literacy Practices3
RLD 0592Practicum in Structured Literacy Interventions3
RLD 0594Designing, Implementing, and Leading the School Literacy Intervention Program: Capstone Seminar3
Total Credits36