Cross-Endorsement in Special Education

Cross-endorsement in special education is 33 credits and is in alignment with the state of CT guidelines. All courses in each of the following content areas specified under the current Connecticut state cross-endorsement regulations must be taken.

Psycho-Educational Theory and Development of Handicapped Children
SE 0410Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theories and Interventions3
SE 0411Introduction to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities3
SE 0413Theories of and Introduction to Learning Disabilities3
SE 0417Introduction to Children and Youth with Social and Emotional Disturbances3
Diagnosis of Handicapped Children
SE 0561Diagnostic Procedures in Special Education of Youth with Disabilities3
Program Planning and Evaluation of Handicapped Children
SE 0534Skill Development for Individualized Educational Plans3
Curriculum and Methods of Teaching Handicapped Children
SE 0486Developmental Literacy I: Fundamentals of Reading and Language Development3
SE 0537Curriculum and Methods for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities3
Practica and Seminar
SE 0591Practica in Special Education 13
SE 0592Practica in Special Education 13
SE 0594Student Teaching and Practica Seminar in Special Education 13
Total Credits33