Master of Arts in Special Education

The MA in Special Education provides candidates with theoretical and pedagogical knowledge and skills needed by Special Educators, within an advocacy based, culturally responsive framework.

Candidates interested only in the Master of Arts (MA) in the Special Education Program, not pursuing initial or cross-endorsement certification, take the 30-credit MA program outlined below. Course options are available for candidates after a transcript review and approval from the candidate's advisor and Co-Director of Special Education. The MA program requires completion of a minimum of 30 credits and a passing score on the comprehensive examination (SE 0099).

SE 0400Augmentative Alternative Communications and Assistive Technologies3
SE 0403Foundations in Research and Evaluation of Psychoeducational Issues in Special Education3
SE 0410Autism Spectrum Disorders: Theories and Interventions3
SE 0411Introduction to Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities3
SE 0413Theories of and Introduction to Learning Disabilities3
SE 0417Introduction to Children and Youth with Social and Emotional Disturbances3
SE 0419Special Learners in the Bilingual/ESL Classroom3
SE 0432Management Techniques in Special Education3
SE 0486Developmental Literacy I: Fundamentals of Reading and Language Development3
SE 0487Developmental Literacy II: Essentials of Vocabulary and Text Comprehension3
SE 0099Comprehensive Examination in Special Education0
Total Credits30